Seven Ancient Wonders

Seven Ancient Wonders - Matthew Reilly Please try to imagine reading a comic book, however, this particular comic does not have any pictures. If you are able to imagine that, you will have an idea of what this book is like.

First of all, the characters are so one-dimensional it is laughable. Also, they have been drawn so completely over the top that they have turned into caricatures. Character development? None whatsoever.

Second, one of my biggest problems was the writing. No tension build-up, no excitement, nothing. What annoyed me most, however, was the constant use of italics in the narrative to make the poor reader realise, oh, this is supposed to be exciting now! Sorry, Mr Reilly, all it does is exasperate the reader and make him/her want to actually throw the book against the nearest wall!

Third, and in true comic book style, the author describes noises: we get Crack!! Bang!! and the likes. Obviously, the author is unable to describe an action scene without reverting to these comic-style expletives.

Let's not even go to the scientific aspects.... Suffice to say that I've never seen/heard of a falcon having been trained to not only listen to its name and on command return to a pouch on the owner's chest, but also to do wondrous things like disarm whatever gadget the author could come up with!

Altogether, this is just about the most annoying book I have ever had the misfortune to read. Thankfully, I picked it up in a charity shop for a quid, hence the waste of money wasn't too great. And I did something for charity (though I'd rather have donated the money up-front than read this book...)