Winter's Heat - Denise Domning Having downloaded this book onto my Kindle for free, I was sceptical - so many free books are absolute dross. This book, however, was just the opposite.

First, I really appreciate the meticulous research into medieval culture that the author clearly has done. Everything is right, no anachronisms anywhere. It is a great pleasure to read a book that is well researched, having just finished a book that, sadly, was the opposite.

Next, the writing. Perfect, correct writing, no grammatical errors. A wonderful, great relief!

Finally, the story. I was swept right into the story by the author's ability to write in an evocative, flowing style. Beautiful. I enjoyed the characters and their interactions with each other. I loved the character development in the two protagonists who grow from hating each other to acceptance to love. The secondary characters were well-described and played important roles. I liked the way Gilliam changed from boy to man and I look forward to reading his story.

To summarise, a well-written book that was truly enjoyable.