Someone to Believe In - Kathryn Shay The storyline was interesting, but, sadly, the execution was lacking, which is a shame as there is real potential in this book.

First, one of my favourite gripes, the 'foreign' language. It is obvious that the author has tried to do some research into Irish expressions. She must have obtained those verbally as, for example, the word is NOT 'Shankee' but 'seannachie' - Gaelic/Irish for storyteller. Then, the dish is called boxty, not boxy. Things like this show lazy research.

Another reviewer mentioned that the author has included all Irish clich├ęs into the story that she could find. This gets very boring very quickly.

My big problem is the ridiculous supposition that the indentity of the Street Angel is unknown to all and sundry (including the press!) and must be protected at all costs. A high profile trial is by necessity in the public domain! Any first year student of journalism would have been able to find out who the Street Angel was within minutes, let alone seasoned journalists. That, unfortunately, made the whole setup ridiculous and in consequence tainted the whole book for me.