Cold Pursuit - Carla Neggers Oh dear, where do I start? I've read books by Ms Neggers before and really liked them. I first picked up the second book in this trilogy and wondered if that was the reason why I was so completely confused. Thus, I laid the book aside and bought Cold Pursuit, the first one in the trilogy. Sadly, the confusion did not stop.

First, there are way too many characters that do not contribute at all to the plot. What possible contribution do the characters of Grit and Myrtle have? None.

Second, we are told that there is tension between Elijah and Jo with hints about something in their past. No mention of that event is made until nearly at the end of the book, when it is mentioned in passing.

Third, why were Drew and the ambassador assassinated? Nobody knows. Certainly not the reader by the end of the book. We are presented with this mysterious network of assassins that killed a Russian man in England (why?), Drew Cameron (why?) and Ambassador Bruni (why?). I wish I had answers to the 'why' questions, but no answer is provided.

The entire plot is thoroughly confusing, readers are presented with so much information that, because most of it is completely useless, in actual fact we don't know anything. People are being killed for some reason, the protagonists had problems with each other for some reason, the ambassador's stepdaughter escapes into the wilderness for some reason. Why? Don't ask me, I have no idea... I have all three books of the series, I guess I'll read number two and three to see if some answers are presented there... though I won't hold my breath! It feels as though Ms Neggers instructed some ghostwriter to write this messy book.