Dial M for Mischief - Kasey Michaels This is by no means the first Kasey Michaels book I have read and most certainly won't be my last. We are introduced to three sisters - all very different characters - who want to prove that their private detective father did not commit murder and subsequent suicide. To do so, they look at four unsolved cases their father worked on and divide them between themselves. As fate will have it, they connect with 3 men - 2 of them from their past - who help them with their task. In Jolie's book, she teams up with an old lover who she still has very strong feelings for. To tell more would be to spoil the plot for new readers, but there are interesting revelations. Ms Michaels paints complex characters with interesting motivations and tells an excellent tale. You are drawn into the world of the Sunshine sisters who are by no means perfect but characters with all the little flaws and frailties that make a book interesting. I've ordered the other two books and can't wait to get reading!