The Witness - Nora Roberts Recently, NR has been a bit hit-and-miss for me - I very much disliked her Bridal Quartett; and the Inn trilogy didn't really start off very well for me either. Then I bought `The Witness' and I must say I liked it mostly. I enjoyed the storyline; I liked the main characters. The way the hero was persistently not allowing the heroine to brush him off and her futile attempts to do so; the hero's mother; the secondary characters - very well drawn and likeable. I also liked the secondary storyline about the trouble at the hotel with the local `bigshot' who believes he can get away with anything.

I probably would have loved the book and given it 5 stars, if I weren't a regular viewer of the TV series `Bones'. The way Ms Roberts characterises the heroine reminds me too much of the character of Dr Temperance Brennan in the series; from the complete lack of knowledge of popular culture such as films, music etc. to the utter lack of social skills and the way of taking everything that is said as literal.