Special Delivery (Hollywood Hills, #1) - Traci Hohenstein 'Hi Hilary.' I greeted her as I walked in the room.
'Hope, you look well.' We air kiss as I give her a hug.

Here are two mistakes in one brief paragraph. It should have been `walked into the room' as the heroine actually entered the room and did not walk aimlessly within. Next, we have a prime example of the thing that annoys me considerably with this book - the change between past and present tense. Writing from a first person singular point of view does not automatically mean that the author can swap tenses without rhyme or reason!

Next, the editing is not good with some words missing. Or Brett suddenly becomes Brad on the next page.

The most annoying thing, however, is that the book obviously cannot decide what it wants to be: an advertising manual for clothes and shoes or a shallow love story/chick lit book. The characters are one-dimensional, boring and nothing much happens. I stuck with the book till the end but had to force myself. I can't even say that the story had potential because, sadly, there was none. Shallow is the only word that springs to mind when attempting to summarise the book.