Lumber and Lace - Lietha Wards Take the worst aspects out of Diana Palmer books; multiply by ten and add an unbelievable lack of knowledge of grammar and punctuation - and you will get Lietha Wards. This is my second book by this author and it will most certainly be my last. I had downloaded some of her books onto my Kindle and my computer, but after reading the first one I should have had the sense to stop torturing myself by reading another one! The rest of them will definitely be deleted unread.

In the very first line of the prologue, there are already three punctuation and grammar mistakes. Reading further down the first page, I stumbled over grammar and punctuation mistakes in just about every paragraph with the author jumping between tenses sometimes; something which sadly continued throughout the entire book. It's unbelievably painful!

We have a shy, young heroine with a background of abuse and a completely overbearing arrogant man, considerably older, who knows everthing better. For example, after finding out that the heroine is a virgin and insists on remaining one, my `favourite' quotes is: "There's no way in hell that you're going to go through life and not experience a man, Brianne. I'm obliged to introduce you to that." What a generous man, right? Of course, he has double standards as he does not want his 20 year old sister to date at all - meeting a man for coffee is absolutely unacceptable. In other scenes, he tells her to say `no' to him if she really wants him to stop. When she actually does, he responds by saying that she "has a hell of a way to say yes". Lovely man - how very romantic.

Then we have the factual nonsense. The hero hires a PI to investigate the heroine and just like that the PI obtains all her hospital records. The author has obviously never heard anything about HIPAA, the Federal health privacy law. This is so unbelievably lazy - she obviously cannot be bothered to do research - and shows a blatant disregard for potential readers' intelligence.