Giovanni, My Love - Lenise Lee I read a free excerpt from this book, which was released as ‘Rescued’. That excerpt, however, was enough for me. The writing style is, I’m sorry to say, dire. The worst problem is the overuse of adjectives. Examples are:

“Would he attempt to force himself upon her in some vulgar way?” Ahem, but rape/attempted rape warrants a different description than ‘vulgar’ in my opinion.

“Keeping his eyes locked on his target, the special ops agent pushed his athletic legs across the narrow street at a stealthy pace. As he moved, only smooth, even breaths flowed from his massive lungs and through his flared nostrils.”

“On instinct, the elite soldier’s mind and body shifted into battle mode. His legs pumped faster, forcing his sneakers to pound hard and swift across the blackened street. Driven by pure adrenaline, Rossi became a quiet stampede, ready to flatten his opponent with one brutal blow. As he ran full force toward his adversary, a testosterone-soaked blur filled his vision.”

As if the use of adjectives were not bad enough, the writing style is overly flowery:

“In the blink of an eye, Rossi’s fate was sealed. The glint of the mugger’s chrometinted knife forced him into daring motion. He had to act fast or else the silver blade pointed at the woman’s back would become the instrument of her doom.” Melodramatic, anybody?

I’m sorry, but I do believe that the excerpt is sufficient to show that this author’s writing is completely immature and in need of a very good editor.