Only You, Butterfly - Rae Spencer This book pushes the boundaries of plausibility to their very limits.

First, we have a heroine who is sexually inexperienced. However, she does not recognise the feeling of sexual arousal, the 'butterflies in her tummy'. This is a contemporary romance and the heroine behaves worse than a Victorian maiden. The hero has to explain to her that what she feels is actually sexual desire.

Then, we have the ridiculous plot twist whereby the heroine meets up with her mother and discovers who her father is. I can't go into more detail here without writing major spoilers, but the chance of this happening is so unbelievably small that this particular story development, again, is utterly silly.

The story is not very exciting and I am not sure if this is supposed to be a romance or erotica as over half the book is one sex scene after another. I'm anything but a prude, but I simply got bored.