Killing Memories - Tatiana Moore Hmmmm.... I'm not really sure whether I like this book or whether I don't. I'd probably give it 2 3/4 stars. The main characters are so completely over the top that they are turning into caricatures at times. Take, for example, the stalker and the heroine's mother. The stalker, as the reader finds out later, is not only schizophrenic but also has bipolar disorder and a meeting with the heroine causes him to stop taking his medication. At the same time, the mother pushes him at her daughter, who made it clear that she finds him disgusting and tries to avoid him at all costs, locking herself into the bathroom in her mother's house for 40 minutes to escape. Still, the mother tells the stalker that her daughter actually loves him.

When the mother realises that her daughter is in love with a white man - her being Mexican, she slaps her twice so hard that the heroine requires an icepack. This type of erratic behaviour just does not make sense - it is completely over the top. Similarly the attempts made by mother and auntie to matchmake and hook the heroine up with all kinds of unsuitable men.

Then, there is the behaviour of the heroine herself. She is supposedly 26 but behaves like a very young teenager. Okay, she is inexperienced as regards men, but again, the author goes way over the top in her characterisation. Moreover, I really don't understand the author's incredible fascination with people throwing up. This, unfortunately, happens for a disproportionately huge amount of time throughout the book and is described in more detail than the reader would want to know!

Finally, there are the grammatical issues, which do not endear the book to me.