Minerva's Ghost - Danielle Elise Girard Oh dear. Calling this disaster a book is being overly flattering. Besides the factual errors (an employee of a security firm will NEVER be able to obtain a search warrant - that is something only the police can do!!!), there was the abysmal writing style and finally the storyline with the characters. Starting with the characters, they were utterly shallow, one-dimensional and over the top. There was no character development whatsoever, hero and heroine fall 'in love' nearly instantly, and into bed even quicker. Now, I'm definitely no prude, but if I want to read erotica, I buy erotica. This 'book' was a disastrous hodgepodge of various different types, taking the worst out of every genre. Next, the author obviously cannot make up her mind whether one of the characters is called 'Justin' or 'Jason'. She seamlessly switches from one name to other, than back again.

I know I should stop downloading free Kindle books... but I am ever-hopeful that the next one will be great! It has happened, but, unfortunately, not with this book!!