The Billionaire's Secret Desire - Lietha Wards I found the entire concept unbelievably distasteful. We have a mega-rich man, twelve years older than the heroine, who basically grooms her from when she was 16 years old to be his future wife. Together with her brother they ensure she does not really date, threaten away or buy off any man that might be interested in her and keep her mostly secluded. The entire concept feels almost - and I say almost!! - like dirty old men grooming little innocent girls for illegal sexual relations. I don't want to use harsher language here, but I was disgusted by the whole book.

Next, there are the unbelievably annoying spelling mistakes. Ms Wards, the correct spelling of the alternative word for 'also' is 'too' - not 'to'. Furthermore, it is 'platonic', not 'plutonic'. Pluto the planet, Pluto the dog, Pluto the ancient god have nothing whatsoever to do with this word. Get an editor - your writing is bad, very bad.