Conquer My Heart - Payton Lee I should have learned my lesson when I suffered through `Smitten' but I had already downloaded `Conquer my Heart' and therefore gave it a try. I should not have bothered. After the first 5 pages I was tempted to delete the book from my computer in disgust. What annoys me is the lack of research conducted by the author - again, very much like `Smitten'. Here, the author makes the unbearably painful attempt to have her characters sound medieval. She gets it as wrong as she possibly could. Let me give some examples. First, there is the royal `we'. There is a reason why it is called `royal'. Kings/Queens spoke in the first person plural about themselves - nobody else. Ms Lee extends this to all her characters. Then - why the lack of articles? The little word `the' is missing so often that it makes reading/understanding the mess she has produced even more difficultor unwittingly hilarious: 'A noble chivalrous knight ne'er tells tales! Especially for fostered sister of heart'. This sounds like the caricature of Red Indians from a very bad western. It should have read 'for the fostered sister of my heart'. It has nothing to do with medieval language, it is sheer nonsense. Next, we have the verb ending -st, which was used for the second person singular or the polite address. Ms Lee again applies that to verbs in any which way. Next, the utterly wrong use of words: 'Mayhap whence women of court wouldst be selected?' The word 'whence' does NOT mean 'what'! Also, the entire sentence is just wrong: 'mayhap whence'... Next, Ms Lee constantly talks about 'Westminster Castle'. There is no such thing in England. There is the Palace of Westminster, but never was it called 'Westminster Castle'.

I don't think I'll get much further with this book, as it is just too painful and way too annoying. `Movies of the mind', indeed... I wish they had stayed in Ms Lee's mind!