Have you ever been really angry at an author?

Shadow in the Pines - P.J.  Nunn

Well, I am angry at this one. I started the book after a particularly horrid self-publication and breathed a sigh of relief. The writing was good, no errors, the plot really caught me. I read till about 3/4 of the book, enjoying myself tremedously. We have a heroine who is intelligent, likeable, and who acts in a believable manner. Ditto the hero. I enjoyed reading how they grew closer, how they developed their relationship. I enjoyed the mystery - who caused the students to disappear? Where did the students disappear to? Who put the snakes in the heroine's house/office? Then came the ending and a lot of questions remained unanswered. A body is found in the cellar and we don't find out who it actually was. We never find out what happened to the students. We don't really know why they disappeared. We don't really know why somebody tries to kill Dani. We don't know why these particular people work together to kill Dani. Questions, questions, questions. It almost feels as though the author ran out of steam and couldn't be bothered to tie up all the loose ends. Where is Mike? Why/how did he disappear? I am angry at the author for ruining what could have been a truly excellent, fun read!